SRF 2010/11 Results

The SRF received a total of 82 applications for the 2010/11 round. Twenty eight of the applications were funded.

List of successful applicants for the 2010/11 SRF round

Uraiporn Pimsai (Thailand) An illustrated taxonomic key to the murid rodents of the Thai-Malaysian Peninsula
Richard Waterman (United Kingdom) Completing a species-level molecular phylogeny for the sub-tribe Coryciinae (Orchidaceae)
Francesca Leasi (United Kingdom) Phylogeography, taxonomy and systematics of key Platyzoa: Seisonidea(Rotifera)
Megan Wyman (United Kingdom) Exploring the anatomical basis for vocal biodiversity in Eurasian deer
Christian Boedeker (New Zealand) From Lake Baikal to Gondwana
Emiliano Peralta-Medina (United Kingdom) A Cretaceous fossil forest from Snow Island, South Shetland, Antarctica
Joshua Ludtke (Canada) Utilizing internal cranial anatomy to elucidate oreodont evolutionary relationships
David Penney (United Kingdom) Description of New Fossil Arthropod Species in Miocene Dominican Amber (Araneae, Orthoptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera)
Michael R. Wilson (United Kingdom) Taxonomic Studies of the Leafhoppers (Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) of the UAE
Claire R. Peart (United Kingdom) Exploring newly discovered diversity within an endemic radiation from Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Elena Kupriyanova (Australia) A taxonomic revision of a mysterious deep-sea serpulid genus Nogrobs
David Redding (United Kingdom) Using Barcodes to Set Conservation Priorities
Caitríona McInerney (United Kingdom) Phylogeography of the groundwater amphipod Niphargus kochianus group (Amphipoda, Crustacea)
Steven Worthington (United States of America) Early Human Origins: A View from the Miocene
Henry Disney (United Kingdom) Studies of the World’s Scuttle Flies (Diptera, Phoridae)
Felix G. Marx (New Zealand) Evolutionary relationships and the taxonomic and morphological diversity of baleen whales
Morgan Churchill (United States of America) Systematics of the Otariidae (Pinnipedia: Mammalia)
Luigi Cibrario (United Kingdom) BAR domain proteins: new pieces in the puzzle of eukaryotic cell evolution
Timothy Gallaher (United States of America) Exploring the Complex Evolutionary History of the Ocean Dispersed Pandanus
Angela J. Rein (United States of America) Non-Twining Vines: Evolution and Systematics of Matelea subgenus Chthamalia (Gonolobinae, Apocynaceae)
Elena Ortiz (United States of America) Molecular Systematics of the Butterfly Tribe Preponini (Nymphalidae: Charaxinae)
Inga Meyer-Wachsmuth (Sweden) Evolution and species in the nemertodermatid family Ascopariidae
Siobhan Cox (United Kingdom) Testing species validity in Zosterops (Aves: Zosteropidae) using DNA from museum skins
James E. McDonald (United Kingdom) Systematics of the anaerobic fungi (Neocallimastigales): life beyond the herbivore gut?
Sarah A. Orlofske (United States of America) Dispersal barriers and phylogeographic patterns of the Pacific Chorus Frogs (Hylidae: Pseudacris regilla)
Kristen Lehman (United States of America) Biogeography and Inflorescence Evolution in the genus Varronia(Boraginaceae)
Heather Whitney (United Kingdom) Occurrence of Iridescence in Neotropical Selaginella
Alistair Seddon (United Kingdom) Diatom biodiversity in the Galápagos Islands. Do endemics exist?