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The Systematics Association is committed to furthering all aspects of systematic biology. We organise a vigorous programme of conferences on key themes related to systematics, including major international biennial conferences, a forum for junior researchers as well as lectures on policy and topical issues in evolution and ecology by distinguished speakers. The Association also supports a variety of training courses in systematics and awards small research grants.

Membership is open to amateurs and professionals with interests in any branch of biology, including microbiology and palaeontology.

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The Systematics Research Fund 2019/2020 call is now closed.

21st Young Systematists’ Forum was held on Friday 22nd November at the Natural History Museum, London.

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Equality and Diversity Statement

It is the official policy of the Systematics Association that any discrimination based on an individual’s race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, status as a parent, gender identity, or physical appearance is unacceptable and should be challenged wherever it occurs. Officers and council commit to exercising due diligence in consideration and promotion of equality and diversity in all of the Association’s business. Our responsibilities to each should take into account that behaviour and language that are acceptable to one person may be unwelcome and/or offensive to another. Any unwelcome conduct that violates these fundamental views of the association should be reported to any officer or member of Council.