Young Systematists Registration

Registration is FREE.

Send applications by e-mail to, supplying your name, contact address (affiliation) and stating whether or not you wish to give an oral or poster presentation. Please also tell us your academic stage – e.g., Masters, PhD or postdoc. Space will be allocated subject to availability and for a balanced programme of animal, plant, algal, microbial, molecular and other research. Non-presenting attendees are also very welcome – please register as above.

Again the YSF will be held the day after the Molluscan Forum ( also at the Natural History Museum. This has been arranged so both meetings can be attended, although if attending both you will have to register for both meetings separately.


Abstracts must be submitted by e-mail in English and in Word format no later than Friday 26 October 2018. The body text should not exceed 150 words in length. Title, authors, and their professional affiliations/addresses should be included with the abstracts. If the presentation is co-authored, the actual speaker (oral) or presenter (poster) must be clearly indicated in BOLD text. The file should be in editable format (.doc or .odt, not pdf) and titled Surname_First-name_YSF2018.doc, for example Doe_Jane_YSF2018.doc.

If you have presented a talk at the YSF before, we ask that you submit only for a poster presentation, as speaker slots are limited and we want to give as many people a chance as possible. Similarly, if you are presenting at both the YSF and MF, we ask that you not apply for speaking slots in both (or let us know so we can assess).

All registered attendants will receive by e-mail further information about the meeting, including abstracts, one week in advance.

You can also read the abstracts of the 19th (2017) YSF, 18th (2016) YSF, 17th (2015) YSF, 16th (2014) YSF, 15th (2013) YSF14th (2012) YSF, 13th (2011) YSF10th (2008) YSF, 11th (2009) YSF10th (2008) YSF9th (2007) YSF8th (2006) YSF, 6th (2004) YSF, 5th (2003) YSF, 4th (2002) YSF and 3rd (2001) YSF.



Any questions about the YSF including the registration process should be sent to ( The organisers are Dr. Ellinor Michel (Dept Life Science, NHM), Dr. Xavier Aubriot (University of Paris-Sud), Dr. Karen Siu Ting (University of Aberystwyth) and Yvette Harvey (Royal Horticultural Society).