SRF Results 2017/2018

Examples of successful applicants for the 2017/18 SRF round.

Name (Country)Project
Viktor Baranov (Germany)Chironomidae mandibles: plesiomorphic condition or case for re-evolution of character once lost?
Albert Chen (United Kingdom)The early evolution of crown-birds: Phylogenetic and morphological case studies
Shannon Corrigan (United States)A diagnostic PCR test for discriminating cryptic shark species with mitochondrial admixture
Christopher Doble (United Kingdom)Developing an environmental DNA reference database for fish species within Lake Tanganyika’s basin
Rudolph Valentino Docot (Philippines)Boesenbergia Kuntze (Zingiberaceae) of the Philippines
Emily Fountain (United States)Identifying cryptic speciation in sloths and re-evaluating their conservation status
Kathryn Hall (Australia)Co-evolutionary studies of the gyliauchenid fish parasites and their microbiomes
Kimberly Hansen (United States)Evolution in the Andes: taxonomy, phylogenomics, and biogeography of Kohleria (Gesneriaceae)
David Kenfack (United States)Phylogenetic position of Crateranthus (Lecythidaceae)
Somayyeh Kheiri (Iran)Diatom Biodiversity of Sulphur springs in Rameh, Semnan, Iran
Andrii Khomenko (Ukraine)Taxonomic revision of the Caucasian leeches (Annelida, Hirudinida)
Tomas Lackner (Germany)The evolution of ecological specialization: gain/loss of psammophily in histerid beetles
Deborah Leigh (Canada)Untangling cryptic diversity in high Arctic Puffins (Fratercula arctica)
Nathan Masters (United Kingdom)Opaline Colours in South African Flora
Brittney Oleniacz (United States)Spiders in North American Cretaceous Amber
Andrés Orejuela (United Kingdom)Evolution of epiphytism in Solanaceae
Cristian Román-Palacios (United States)Molecular systematics of the genus Bryconamericus (Characidae: Stevardiinae)
PRAKASH S (India)Systematics of coral reef caridean shrimps of Gulf of Mannar, South India
Priscila Salloum (New Zealand)Using traditional mt-DNA for intraspecific surveys in the genomic era
Gisela Sancho (Argentina)Understanding the Austral distribution of Lagenophora Cass. (Asteraceae)
Pedro Joel Silva da Silva Filho (Brazil)Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Study of Rhynchospora Sects. Laevinuces, Luzuliformes, Spermodontes and Tenues (Cyperaceae).
Sergi Taboada (United Kingdom)A new symbiotic relationships between a carnivorous sponge and its annelid host
Verónica Urgiles (United States)Molecular and morphological diversification of a cryptic group of terrestrial frogs in a high altitude tropical hotspot.
Mariana Wagner (Brazil)Systematics of the Myrcia amazonica DC. clade (Myrtaceae)
Emilia Wendt (Brazil)Parasite-host relationships: understanding the effects of ecology and biogeography on diversification of monogenean
Johanna Weston (United Kingdom)Mitogenome approach to the phylogeography of the hadal scavenging amphipod, Bathycallisoma schellenbergi
Loubab Zedane (United Kingdom)On the evolution of fog-harvesting plant adaptations: a study of the South African genus Eriospermum
Mateusz Zmudzinski (Poland)Unveiling extinct mite meioworlds: fossil Prostigmata (Arachnida: Acariformes) diversity in Baltic amber