SRF 2009/10 Results

The SRF received a total of 261 applications for the 2009/10 round. Twenty three of the applications were funded.

List of successful applicants for the 2009/10 SRF round

Alexandre Antonelli Southern lineages in the tropical Andean hotspot: The WAP hypothesis
Richard Bateman Cladogenesis versus anagenesis in Macaronesian plants: Azorean butterfly orchids
Katherine Brown Assessing niche partitioning of sympatric species through stable isotope analyses
Juliane Casquet Investigation of a putative unknown and endemic Nephila species showing unique characteristics
Andrea Cosacov Phylogeography of the Patagonian oil-collecting bee Centris cineraria.
Kalina Davies Can “Hearing” Genes in Neotropical Bats Explain the Evolution of Echolocation?
Luis Diaz Herpetological inventory in eastern Cuba
Jean-Bernard Dongmo Genetic and morphological divergence in birds from the Upper and Lower Guinea
Geert Goemans Observations, song recordings and collection of Zammarini in Cuba
Alison Hamilton Combining morphological, genetic, and ecological variation to delimit and describe species
Gudrun Herzner Evolution of prey preservation and the associated glands in crabronid wasps (Philanthinae)
Krushnamegh Kunte Publication of a book, “Systematic Catalog of Indian Butterfly Fauna”
Olivier Leroux Study of collenchymatous tissues in a phylogenetic framework
Eduardo Lestani Mosquitoes of Iguaz?National Park and Neighbouring Areas, Misiones, Argentina
Susanna Lopez-Legentil Molecular characterization of key ascidians from the Bahamas
Francesco Nardi Phylogenetic analysis of Protura using complete mitochondrial genome sequencing
Christopher Owen Systematics and evolution of the Australian cicada genus Pauropsalta Goding and Froggatt, 1904
Christine Parent On the snails’ trail: diversification amongst a vanishing Galapagos tribe
Pieter Pelser What are the hosts of Rafflesia? Taxonomy to the rescue of conservation
Matan Shelomi Origins of a Mutualism: Phasmatodea and Their Gut Endosymbionts
Katherine Stryjewski Rapid speciation and morphological diversification in a clade of finches (Lonchuraspp.)
Jean-Claude Thibault Systematics of the Marquesas reed-warblers (Acrocephalus spp.)
Alejandro Zuluaga Taxonomic revision of the genus Monstera (Araceae) for Colombia