SRF 2007/08 Results

The SRF received a total of 137 applications for the 2007 round. Thirty five of the applications were funded.

List of successful applicants for the 2007 SRF round

Paul Parker (United Kingdom) Digital Herbarium Sheets of the Genus Fuchsia (Onagraceae) Sect. Quelusia
Salma Shalla (United Kingdom) Taxonomy of Taxonomy of Shallow Water British Cumaceans- rewriting Linnean Society Synopsis no 7
Jan Strugnell (United Kingdom) Speciation in Antarctic octopus: the effect of climate change.
Richard Butler (United Kingdom) Systematics of ornithischian dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous of China
Nathan Smith (United States) Preparation of the Most Complete Basal Dinosauromorph from North America
Holly Bik (United Kingdom) Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Deep-sea Nematodes from the Southern Indian Ocean
Thomas Richards (United Kingdom) Cellular Morphology and Ecology of Novel Deep Branching Fungi
Christina Bredenkamp (South Africa) Flora of the Eastern Cape
Andre Morandini (Brazil) Revision of the jellyfish genus Chrysaora Péron & Lesueur, 1810 (Scyphozoa, Cnidaria)
David Bass (United Kingdom) Comparative Genome Size in Sarcomonad Protozoa
Joe Bartoszek (United States) Phylogeny of hybrid unisexual Amystomatid salamanders, a new genome
Kate Armstrong (United Kingdom) Testing Wallace’s Line as a biogeographical barrier for the pantropical tree Manilkara
Katharina Wollenberg (Germany) Speciation in Malagasy amphibians
Omar Torres-Carvajal (United States) The Neotropical Lizard Clade Hoplocercinae (Squamata: Iguanidae): A Taxonomic Revision
Carol Peña (Chile) Taxonomic revision of Copiapoa Briton & Rose (Cactaceae) in Chile
Carolina Cuezzo (Argentina) Neotropical termites (Insecta): Nasutitermitinae phylogenetic analysis
Jennifer Tate (New Zealand) Evolution of gender dimorphism in the xeric-adapted plant genus Lawrencia(Malvaceae)
Manju C.Nair (India) A Resource Centre for South Indian Bryology
Mark Stevens (New Zealand) Taxonomic assessment of New Zealand’s springtails
Dennis Higgs (Canada) Evolution of Hearing in the Sciaenidae
Alexandre Antonelli (Sweden) Is pollination triggering speciation in Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae)?
Aylin Alegre (Cuba) Compared morphology, Biogeography and Natural History of the family Biantidae in Cuba
Francesco Paoli (Italy) Adaptations to terrestrial life in fiddler crabs
Wendy Untereiner (Canada) Molecular characterization of the mycoflora of the fur of polar bears
Simon queenborough (United Kingdom) Functional Traits of Reproduction in Tropical Forest Trees
Ellinor Michel (United Kingdom) The Tanganyika Problem: Origins of Endemic Gastropods in the East African Rift
Alexander Bannikov (Russia) Systematic Composition of the Bartonian Assemblage of Marine Fishes, the North Caucasus
Peter Konstantinidis (United Kingdom) Evolution and Biogeography of the freshwater puffers of South East Asia
James Beck (United States) Using Astrolepis integerrima (Pteridaceae) to understand the initial stages of polyploid evolution
Santiago Herrera (Colombia) Genetic connectivity across the deep ocean: phylogeography of the octocoral Paragorgia arborea
Timothy Whitfeld (United States) A community phylogenetics approach to analyzing rainforest structure in Papua New Guinea
Robin van Velzen (Netherlands) DNA barcoding, taxonomy, biogeography, and evolution of host plant associations of Cymothoe (Nymphalidae)
Magdalena Vaio (Uruguay) Systematics and evolutionary studies in Oxalis (Oxalidaceae) from Uruguay
Vladimir Vladimirov (Bulgaria) Taxonomy and species relationships within Hieracium olympicum group (Asteraceae)
Jennifer Zaspel (United States) Systematics and taxonomy of the vampire moths and their fruit-piercing relatives (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)