SRF 2006/07 Results

The SRF received a total of 97 applications for the 2006 round. The applications came from twenty two countries, with most applicants from the UK (32) and USA (20).

List of successful applicants for the 2006 SRF round

David Allen (United States) Reevaluating the early evolutionary history of Crocodylomorpha
Christos Astaras (Germany) Molecular phylogeny of drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) populations: taxonomic, biogeographic and conservation implications
Arden Bashforth (Denmark) Pennsylvanian plant fossils from upland environments of the Czech Republic
Karla Biebouw (United Kingdom) Clarification of Microcebus spp. presence in Andasibe, Central Eastern Madagascar
Matthew Brandley (United States) The phylogeny of Plestiodon and new empirical perspective on molecular dating methods
Seth Bybee (United States) Winging-it through the ages: What fossils reveal about odonate flight evolution
Yu-Cheng Chang (Taiwan) How to fold wings? Phylogenetic significance of wing-base morphology of Epipleminae (Lepidoptera)
Simon Coppard (United Kingdom) Identifying informative mitochondrial genes for a speciation study of Encope sand dollars
Alison Davis (United States) Molecular phylogeography and the evolutionary dynamics of polymorphism
Susanne Feist-Burkhardt (United Kingdom) Ultrastructure of Middle Triassic angiosperm-like pollen from the Barents Sea
Geoffrey Gadd (United Kingdom) Rock-dwelling fungal communities: identification of cultivable members
Luciana Genio (United Kingdom) Identification of Bathymodiolus sp. (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) in NE Atlantic cold seeps using molecular genetics
Michelle Harvey (United Kingdom) A key to the Forensically Important Calliphoridae (Diptera) of southern Hampshire
Victoria Herridge (United Kingdom) Dwarf elephant systematics: producing the framework for analysing broad scale ecotypic trends
Dawn Higginson (United States) Gametic innovation and species radiation in diving beetles
Anna Hundsdörfer (Germany) Phylogeny of cucujoid and tenebrionoid beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera)
Eugeny Karasev (Russia) Peltasperms from unique Permian/Triassic localities of Russia
Boris Korotyaev (Russia) Annotated list of weevils of the Taman’ Peninsula, Northwestern Caucasus (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea)
Terezie Mandáková (Czech Republic) Karyotype evolution in the genus Heliophila (Brassicaceae)
Natalia Maslova (Russia) Revision of the family assignment of the Cretaceous platanoid plants
Anthony Mitchell (United Kingdom) Fossil Insect Database
Jeanmaire Molina (United States) The Arcane Ancestor of the Grapes: Unraveling Leea’s Evolutionary History
Zoltán Tamás Nagy (Hungary) Comparative phylogeography of Malagasy snakes
Abby Othman (United Kingdom) Triassic fossil wood from New Brunswick, Canada: insights into vegetation and climate during the early evolution of dinosaurs
Frank Rheindt (Australia) Evolutionary dynamics of Elaenia flycatchers (Aves; Tyrannidae)
Thomas Richards (United Kingdom) Phylogeny of novel fungi using a multi-gene environmental DNA approach
Ainsley Seago (United States) Systematics of Leiodidae (Coleoptera): a new perspective on insect diversification
Erik Sperling (United States) Multi-locus approaches to the phylogenetic position of the lophophorate phyla
James Thorn (United Kingdom) Taxonomy and Biogeography of Slow Lorises (Genus Nycticebus) in Indonesia
Kim Timmermann (Germany) Taxonomic revision of the South African endemic bee-genus Patellapis(Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea)
Mehdi Zarrei (United Kingdom) Species relationships and hybridization pattern in the Gagea reticulata(Liliaceae) species complex
Michael Zuykov (Russia) Cosmopolitan brachiopod taxa: realistic faunal migrations or taxonomic errors?