CoSyst award: Third round

The third round of CoSyst awards were made in April 2009 and a total of £94,969 was allocated.

Applications funded were as follows:

  • £5,390 Genoveva Esteban, Queen Mary University of London, and John Day, Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa. Ecology and systematics of an undescribed phototrophic symbiosis: Loxodes rostrum.
  • £14,939 Matthew Hegarty, Aberystwyth University, and Simon Hiscock, University of Bristol. Complexity reduction to identify genomic composition of two Senecio allopolyploids.
  • £10,000 Tim Langdon, Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Michael Fay, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Transposable element profiles and phylogenetic conflicts in the Aveneae.
  • £12,450 Lukas Ruber, Department of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, and Martin Genner, School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol. Novel genomic tools to test for ecological speciation in cichlids.
  • £10,100 S(Prasad)Sreenivasaprasad, University of Warwick (Warwick HRI), and Paul F. Cannon, CABI Europe UK Centre. The fungal population-species interface: molecular phylogenetic models to infer speciation.
  • £16,500 Maximilian Telford, UCL, and Richard Copley, Oxford University. Xenoturbella Whole Genome Sequencing for Deuterostome Systematics.
  • £10,930 Mark Wilkinson, The Natural History Museum, and Chris Shaw, Queen’s University Belfast. Systematics and Evolution of the Caecilian Cutaneous Secretome.