CoSyst award: First round

The first round of CoSyst awards were made in February 2007 and a total of £84 993 was allocated, the £75 000 from BBSRC being supplemented in this year only by a generous once-off contribution from the Linnean Society.

The applications funded were as follows:

  •  £9,480 to Dr Vincent Savolainen (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Genomic tools for studying the origin of species.
  •  £19,608 to Dr Thomas Richards (University of Exeter, School of Biosciences), Molecular diversity of microbial eukaryotes using a large-scale parallel tag sequencing strategy.
  •  £10,450 to Dr Paula Rudall (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Hydatellaceae: a key to reassessing morphological evolution in angiosperms.
  • £13,730 to Dr Catherine Kidner (University of Edinburgh/Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh), Comparative epigenomics of non-model organisms.
  • £8,150 to Dr Mark van der Giezen (Queen Mary, University of London), Breviata and the 7th eukaryotic supergroup.
  •  £9,375 to Dr Donald Quicke (Division of Biology, Imperial College London), Barcoding of hostplant genes from larval guts: a proof-of-concept study.
  •  £14,200 to Dr Julie Hawkins, The University of Reading, The tortoise and the ant: dispersal biology and speciation in biodiversity hotspots.