Funding for Events

The Systematics Association provides grants of up to £1,500 (without a special volume) and £3,000 (with a special volume) to support the organisation of meetings that are pertinent to the Association’s aims.

Applications should be received at least nine months before the planned date of the meeting. Applications will then be evaluated by the Systematics Association’s council at its next meeting. Applicants will be notified of the decision within a month of the Association’s council meeting.

We encourage applications to support taxon-focused meetings, although other proposals relating to systematics and taxonomy will receive consideration. Preference will be given to those who wish to publish an Association volume based on their meeting – the Association has a great deal of experience in producing these, many of which have become landmark publications in their fields

We seek to support meetings where effort is made to promote diversity and gender balance among the speakers.

We will give priority to applicants who aim to improve access to meetings for participants that would otherwise be unable to attend, especially participants from developing countries.

Where the maximum amount (£3,000) is awarded, only half of that amount is awarded upfront, the balance being paid on acceptance of a Systematics Association book proposal by our current publisher, CRC Press.

Any unused funding should be returned to the Systematics Association, who will re-invest it in future meetings.

All successful applicants are expected to acknowledge the support of the Systematics Association, and to provide a report of the meeting to be published in our newsletter or to be disseminated in social media and other formats.