Karen Siu-Ting

KarenKaren Siu Ting is a Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her work combines field work, phylogenomics and molecular biology and evolution. She is a Peruvian herpetologist with extensive experience of barcoding techniques for assessing cryptic amphibian species, discovering novel species and analysing the diversity and conservation status of Peruvian amphibians and reptiles. Her PhD studies, conducted in Ireland, addressed methodological approaches to large-scale phylogenetic reconstructions. Her current postdoctoral work investigates the molecular basis behind the ability of poison arrow frogs to sequester toxins from their diet at the molecular level using transcriptomic, phylogenomic and gut microbiome to assess this remarkable adaptation in these frogs.

Dr. Karen Siu-Ting (2016-now, current Secretary)
Queen’s University Belfast
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