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Next Generation Systematics

Next Generation Systematics

Edited by: Peter D. Olson (The Natural History Museum, London), Joseph Hughes (University of Glasgow) and James A. Cotton (Sanger Institute)

Hardback (ISBN-13: 9781107028586)
Publication date: May 2016
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We live in an age of ubiquitous genomics. Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology, both widely adopted today and advancing at pace, has transformed today’s data landscape, opening up an enormous source of heritable characters to the comparative biologist. Its impact on systematics, like many other fields of biology, has been felt throughout its breadth: from defining species boundaries to estimating their evolutionary histories.

This volume examines the broad range of ways in which NGS data are being used in systematics and in the fields that it underpins, from biodiversity prospecting to evo-devo. The authors draw on contemporary case studies to demonstrate state- of-the-art applications of NGS data. These, along with novel analyses, comprehensive reviews and lively perspectives are combined to produce an authoritative account of contemporary issues in systematics that have been advanced and impacted by the recent adoption of NGS.

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Our current publisher is Cambridge University Press and all new volumes (v78 onwards) can be ordered by visiting their online website

Volumes prior to v78, Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics are published by CRC Press and can be ordered by visiting their online website

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A complete guide of 'instructions to authors' is available on the CUP website which you should read in conjunction with the CUP - A Guide To Preparing Your Proposal.

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In partnership with our new publisher, Cambridge University Press, The Systematics Association offers great opportunities for authors and editors seeking to publish their work. If you have an idea for a themed multiauthor volume (not necessarily based on a symposium) or a textbook, and would like this to be produced at high quality and promoted by both the Association and CUP, then please contact the Editor-in-Chief, David Gower ( ).

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