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20th June 2012



The Systematics Association was founded on 25th June 1937 with Sir Julian Huxley at its head. Its role was to provide a forum for the discussion of the general theoretical and practical problems of taxonomy. Since then, the Association has pioneered discussion on the many new developments in systematics: over 50 Special Volumes have been published, focusing on groups as diverse as haptophyte algae, tetrapods, lichens, free-living flagellates and haematophagous insects., and on fields such as phylogenetic reconstruction, systematics and conservation, genome evolution and the emergence of the biosphere. In 2012, seventy-five years after its creation, the role of the Systematics Association remains to represent and further all aspects of Systematic biology. The Association organises a Biennial conference and a Young Systematists' forum, to bring up-and-coming, as well as established systematists, together; it also funds special symposia. It continues to publish special volumes, and, with the Linnean Society, supports systematics through its Systematics Research Fund.


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2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the Systematics Association. In honour of this grand birthday, the Association will be hosting a special event, 'Celebrating Systematics', on 20th June at the Natural History Museum.

The evening will be launched by the President of the Systematics Association, Professor Juliet Brodie, followed by a short history of the Association, presented by Professor Stephen Blackmore and Dr David Williams. After a drinks reception, during which guests will peruse a selection of posters from Systematics Research Fund grant holders, we will hear Sir David Attenborough and Professor Richard Fortey in conversation. Our two honourable guests will give their thoughts on the impact of systematics on the scientific world, as well as sharing a few anecdotes. The grand finale will be a buffet: a chance to mingle with fellow systematists to celebrate the achievements of our Association over the last three quarters of a century.

Although the evening's events are for ticket holders only, a Nature Live show, open to all, will take place at 14.30 in the Sir David Attenborough Studio. Systematists will present their latest research to the public, showing off the weird and wonderful organisms to which they dedicate their time!

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A selection of photographs from the event appears below.

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